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Doctor Vacuum not only works to provide high-quality products but solutions to day-to-day operations as well, whether it’s a residential home or commercial office. We also provide accessories for central vacuum systems, commercial vacuums and portable vacuums. Some vacuum providers manufacture bulky machines that aren’t always preferable for your storage needs. Our goal is to provide tools to keep your environment clean but more importantly we strive to keep you organized. We offer a number of products and brands that allow for easy storage and convenience while you’re vacuuming.

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Central vacuum

A central vacuum system is made up of individual components playing an important role in reducing the owner’s workload. The owner doesn’t have to carry around a bulky appliance since the motor is stationary. Since the dust and debris are removed from the living area and emitted outside, there’s no unpleasant smell or re-circulated dust. The lightweight hose makes it easy to just plug into an inlet and start cleaning, or the Chameleon Retractable Hose System hides the hose inside the vacuum tubing!

Top 5 reasons to get a central vacuum

  1. More power for superior air quality. With two to four times more suction power than traditional, portable vacuums, central vacs make quick work of dust, dirt, and allergens. You can also add outdoor ventilation for an added level of allergen removal.

  2. Save weight lifting for the gym—unless you like hauling a heavy container of debris around your house. Central vacuums trap dirt in one, secure spot for easy disposal. Plus, a central vac’s light-weight and fixed-length hose won’t contract and trip you mid clean.

  3. Boost your asking price. Central vacuum systems add $2,500 to a home listing, on average. Have any of your old container vacuums ever made you money? We thought not.

  4. Attachments for all floor types. Carpet? Hardwood? Cold Spanish tile? No matter your flooring, we have a central vacuum attachment set designed to meet your needs.

  5. Warranties from reliable brands. Our central vacuum system warranties range from five to 20 years from the industry’s most respected brands, including Beam, Canavac, Nutone, and Vacuflo.

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